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Copac provides packaging solutions for a wide range of industrial and retail companies throughout New Zealand.

The first branded packaging solutions ever used are recorded as early as 1746 and was a packaged 'fever powder' in England.
Whilst Copac cannot lay claim to doing that job, the company brings over 25 years of contract packing experience to the market place. Copac Contract Packing was first establised in 1984 and is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.
At Copac our dedicated team can handle a wide range of orders from granulated or powder to liquid product, and in any quantity from gram's to tonnes. Our range of machinery and flexiblity in dealing with packaging challenges allow us to develop any solution for your packing needs - no matter how complicated

Some of our services include:
- Blending Solutions
- Liquid and powder product packaging in a wide range of package types
- Product labelling
- Product bundling
- Product pack/hold, warehousing and distribution
- From bulk supply to retail packaging



Problems in the Contract Packaging Industry:
- Excessive pricing when offering packaging solutions
- Limited range of packaging solutions for those often difficult packaging jobs
- Restrictions on size (too big or too small)
- Inability to handle a large range of different jobs at the same time
- Lack of blending facilities
- Lack of storage, pack and hold facilities and distribution systems.
How Copac deals with these issues:
- Copac believes in offering competitive pricing on all packaging solutions. Due to our size and flexibility our prices remain competitive in  all areas.
- Being a boutique packaging company we are able to offer a wide range of packaging solutions and tailored services. Our experienced staff are totally flexible with no job being too difficult to handle.
- Copac is able and willing to handle jobs from the packaging of a few grams to packaging mulitiple tonnes of any one product.
- Copac offers a range of pack and hold options, distribution and blending solutions.



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